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Nike Lebron Earned 23

It's not merely because, at a time when I wanted to dive headlong into the cauldron of creativity that was 60s pop, his Release Me kept The Beatles' Strawberry Fields Forever off the top of the charts.

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You've been getting away with it all night, making carefully timed trips to the bar and the bog and answering an urgent call from a double glazing salesman centre in Mumbai.

Indeed, my only fond memories of the contest are from 1967, Nike Lebron Earned 23 when Sandie Shaw became the first British winner, with Puppet On A String, though I suspect that says less about the song and more about the effect that a short skirted, barefooted young woman can have on a prepubescent youth.

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Nike Lebron Earned 23

Nike Lebron Earned 23

I could even forgive his ability to sprout mighty sideburns in the time it took to pour out one of his dollops of treacle on Top Of The Tops, while I could only dream of bumfluff.

He wasn't the only perpetrator of such a crime. The greatest, of course, was Joe Dolce's Shaddup You Face, which kept out Ultravox's Vienna in 1981, but Benny Hill's Ernie, The Fastest Milkman In The West denied T. Rex with Jeepster in '71, Rene and Renata did it to the Jam in '82, Mr Blobby nudged Meatloaf off his perch in '93, The Teletubbies made it a less than Perfect Day for the 1997 Children In Need single. And Bob The Builder beat Westlife to top spot in 2000, proving that novelty songs do have some value after all.

Besides, Paul McCartney found himself on the other side of the class v crass divide in 1982, when his Ebony And Ivory compilation with Stevie Wonder kept out, er, well, Bucks Fizz, Chas and Dave and the England football squad.

rooting for Blighty when Forest Face takes his turn. In fact, there'll be no closure for me unless he's beaten by a one legged transvestite spoon player from Outer Mongolia.

As for Mr Humperdinck, I had no problems with Arnold George Dorsey renaming himself after a 19th century opera composer. Hey man, this was the 60s.

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Nike Lebron Earned 23

Nike Lebron Earned 23

And then along comes Big Eng with what, by definition, has to be the show closer and a figure is seeking you out from the dancefloor. Then she's grabbing your hand and pleading "oh go on, love, just this once, you can hold me close so you don't look a prat" and not even you can stand being the only person seated and suddenly you're in the arms of a bewhiskered aunt. Or even worse, the wife.

´╗┐Engelbert had a lot to answer for

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for this annual tat fest. I'd rather stick pins in my eyelids than join the 120 million people worldwide who'll make it the highlight of their Saturday night viewing.

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