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"We've got to find the money because we have to pay our bills," she said. "But we work hard for that money and now it's just being poured away on these bills. They're not right, they can't be."

´╗┐Dream that turned into a nightmare for family

The article points out that she has been a council tenant for 33 years she obviously qualified back then. Unless she acts in such a way that she breaks her contract with the council then she has right to remain a council tenant. And given the situation, I am glad that it isn't a young family having to cope with mouldy walls and being unable to afford to keep place warm because of eco measures that have been poorly designed/ installed/ thought through.

It has been put down to a rainwater harvesting system which pumps water back into the house.

He said: "I noticed it in February this year when we had the first heavy rain and then it just spread and got worse. Now it's a huge brown stain."

The family also flush the toilet fewer times to conserve electricity and water.

The eco friendly design has been far from friendly to the household budget.

The means testing should be Nike Lebron Zoom Soldier 8 Price carried out on tenants every few years.

Nike Lebron Zoom Soldier 8 Price

I did say that something should be done immediately regarding the the fuel bills and think they should be refunded for the extra cost that they have incurred and I think I have said in the past that you are extremely lucky to pay the low rent that you do. Not everyone is as fortunate. I am a huge supporter of social housing but can you really believe it fair that a couple, both in in good jobs, should be subsidised by people on minimum wage Nike Lebron 11 Away Buy

the toilet was continuously being flushed which it isn't. A bit like my smart meter at home which shows that when I use the hoover it is going to cost me a month. But as it only runs for a short time it will only cost a quid or so. Nike Lebron 12 Low Blue

Nike Lebron Zoom Soldier 8 Price

Nike Lebron Zoom Soldier 8 Price

The family was so confused by the high bills that they got a monitor installed to show which appliances were using the most electricity. That showed a peak in power use when they flushed a toilet.

She said it was an amount she and her husband, Vincent, a Bombardier worker, were struggling to afford.

But that is beside the point ie these houses seem to be a disaster. there are eco houses that genuinely live up to title because they have been properly built (ie no problems with damp/ mould) and reduce bills through good insulation and energy efficient lighting.

Perhaps the meter needs to be explained better. An explanation of "kilowatt hours" might be useful. They're basically getting accommodation subsidised by tax payers.

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At first it was just in Rob's room but the family have now spotted similar marks in Anne and Vincent's rooms, as well as at the top of the stairs. ie. If Nike Zoom Bb

Nike Lebron Zoom Soldier 8 Price

Nike Lebron Zoom Soldier 8 Price

I do wonder if rainwater harvesting that requires electric pumps is sensible we have had very dry winters recently and still didn't need a hosepipe ban while electricity prices are rocketing.

"You can hear the pump kick in and then you see the energy monitor using so much electricity," said Mrs May. "There are other things as well, like the lights in the kitchen. They use a lot of energy, so we don't put those on as much."

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Nike Lebron Zoom Soldier 8 Price

Anne's 29 year old son, Rob, has also been affected. The ceiling and a wall of his bedroom have the evidence of water soaking in and creating mould.

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In my opinion social housing should be available for people who need it at the time, once their circumstances have changes theyshould move on to private renting and make the social housing available for the more needy.

At her previous home, Mrs May, a school administrator, used to pay about a month for her gas and electricity. That has rocketed to On top of that, she is paying a week in rent.

who have no hope in hell of ever getting onto the housing list and still have to pay more in rent than this couple even though they earn much less?

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Nike Lebron Zoom Soldier 8 Price

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