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With you 100% on this Neil White. Mark Tittley has taken advantage of the Telegraph's letters page to help him win the election. The Telegraph has always printed his letters, no matter how politically biased they are. Now he is given the opportunity to give us his version of the report on care homes, he decudes to attack the Telegraph. The only possible reason for this is that the report was accurate and he had no defence against the repoert's findings. This amounts to the frustration of not being able to manipulate the press to promote his own political propaganda. This latest episode has certainly exposed Councillor Tittley for what he really is.

You have on occasion replied to people through this facility. I would appreciate your response on what you are doing to prevent the posting of both highly abusive and junk messges

Nike Metcon 1 Men's

Nike Metcon 1 Men's

electorate and in my own mind I feel grateful to the Derby Telegraph for printing unbiased news that affects all of the community without supporting individual parties, and also allowing all its readers to submit their views without showing prejudice. Keep up the good work Neil, your readers are behind you.

After having witnessed some of the going on classed as 'normal everyday incidents' I fully agree with the Derby Telegraph's stance on reporting the facts in an unbiased and informative manner. They have a moral and social responsibility to their readership and citizens of this area and, as is the usual case with this topic, the Council are very good at blowing their trumpets and getting photographed with all of the 'sexy' projects (whether they're a good idea or not) but poor at admitting that they have let us down in other, crucial areas. Can't remember the last time I heard an 'I'm sorry' from any of them. If they went any lower in my estimation they'd be fracking.

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I defended our report but, for the sake of fairness, offered him the chance of writing, in his own words, about his stance on the issue.

Nike Metcon 1 Men's

If you where a responsible newspaper you would monitor and manage your online comments facility far better and do something about the minority of contributors who constantly abuse what should be a useful facility for all

Sorry, Ill try again. This is exactly what I would expect from Mark Tittley, throwing his Teddy out of the pram when things dont go his way. The sad thing today is that political parties want to control the press as well as the Nike Lebron 12 Nsw Lifestyle Lights Out

Mr Titley has exhibited a very poor sense of judgement by attacking the messenger and not the problem. The condition of our cities care homes is under his charge and they have been found to be wanting. A simple admission that was so and that he and the council officers were seeking to remedy Nike Metcon 1 Men's it would have been the best, and most honest response. He seems to have the idea that if you shout loud enough about another subject people will forget about the original topic. He is sadly deluded if he thinks that will work with Niel White or his staff, or indeed posters on this site. I have not always agreed with the content or views of the DT but must concede that their reportage is Nike Lebron Shoes Youth

usually unbiased and reasonably fair and objective.

Nike Metcon 1 Men's

Nike Metcon 1 Men's

´╗┐Do we care about our community

Councillor Tittley, the city cabinet member for adults and health, then tried to take me to task about our coverage of a watchdog report into Derby care homes.

this weekend

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Neil WhiteI appreciate this may be slightly off topic however it needs saying , especially after activity over Nike Kyrie Eybl

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Nike Metcon 1 Men's

Nike Metcon 1 Men's

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