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Carlisle says he doesn exactly know just how many people come into his emergency room due to caffeine overdose because patients don often tell him.

Carlisle says the alcohol mixed with high doses of caffeine in energy drinks causes a harsher effect on the human body causing more danger. And like drugs or alcohol, too much caffeine can lead to addiction.

"If you haven had it you can tell, you get rundown and you get a headache and in that case you are sick and it is an addiction," Carlisle said. "But it doesn last very long and you over it in a day or two."

The FDA is investigating reports of energy drinks or high doses of caffeine, leading to illness, injury or even death. However, the seats in the Sanford Emergency Room are empty and Carlisle, says he doesn see many caffeine overdoes, but he does see the Kyrie Irving Nike Hyper Rev Basketball Shoes

Carlisle says he sees more and more people coming into the emergency room not just on a caffeine overload but on a caffeine overload mixed with some sort of substance.

homoeopathic but what people are really going for is the caffeine," Sanford ER Doctor Chris Carlisle said.


Nike Metcon New Colours

Nike Metcon New Colours

SIOUX FALLS, SD You can find them in the gas station or on the shelves at the local grocery store, but many people aren aware of the danger energy drinks pose.

"I have to be on top of everything because I work around sharp objects and I don want to be tired when I messing with 20 foot saw blades," Buczkowski said.

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"I see a lot of people that are hyperactive and blood Nike Lebron 14 Black And White

pressure and pulse are high and I find myself a lot of the times wondering why," Carlisle said.

Twenty seven year old Buczkowski swears by energy drinks and has been drinking them since he was 18 years old. He says he drinks them because he wants to stay alert at his job.

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Nike Metcon New Colours

Nike Metcon New Colours

Nike Metcon New Colours

Nike Metcon New Colours

Nike Metcon New Colours

Carlisle says he too knows first hand the effects of too much caffeine.

"They put all kinds of things in the energy drinks like vitamins and Nike Zoom Pegasus 33 Women's Running Shoes

´╗┐Energy Drink Emergency

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"The answer is if I see people with symptoms that are related to high caffeinated drinks, it usually in the face of other kinds of substance abuse either drugs or alcohol," Carlisle said.

"I used to drink too much coffee because I have to stay up all night sometimes and eventually as I got older I couldn tolerate it any longer because it makes my heart skip beats. Even though in the Nike Metcon New Colours end that not particularly dangerous it still bothered me enough so I made the decision to quit," Carlisle said.

"Most people are not necessarily honest with what all they have consumed before they come to the ER for various reasons," Carlisle said.

Nike Metcon New Colours

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