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Nike Zoom Shoes Basketball Low Cut

Nike Zoom Shoes Basketball Low Cut

Nike Zoom Shoes Basketball Low Cut

´╗┐Epoch Lacrosse 2013 Dragonfly Shafts

Joining the Dragonfly series of shafts, are the E30 and F30, offering players two new cross sections. The E30 offers a new geometry, designed for players who want optimal control and Because of the extremely positive response Epoch received in their advanced prototype testing period, they decided to bring this ergonomic geometry to market.

Nike Zoom Shoes Basketball Low Cut

Epoch also places great importance on the "feel" of each shaft. They believe that above all, each shaft needs to feel right, regardless of the level of the player. As they grow the line, it is vital to them to continue to use their Optimal Feel Design to continue evolving the shafts. Epoch is also introducing their Slip/Grip II, a more durable, textured clear coat for their 2013 lineup. "At Epoch, we continue to offer the industry leading one year warranty on all our shafts. So play hard; we will back you up!", adds Jessica Alexander, the Director of Nike Metcon Outlet

Customer Service and Community Relations.

Nike Zoom Shoes Basketball Low Cut

Nike Zoom Shoes Basketball Low Cut

LOS ANGELES, CA (September 5, 2012) Epoch Lacrosse has proven that carbon fiber is a superior material for a lacrosse shaft and for 2013, they have raised the bar. Their 2013 Dragonfly lineup pulls away from the competition, using technology that can be both seen and felt.

durability and strength to weight ratio. The C30 offers a standard concave geometry while the X30 offers an Xtreme Concave geometry for players who like distinct ridges and edges.

The 2013 men Dragonfly line includes a total of seven shafts. In the 30 Attack/Middie length, Epoch offers four shafts with unique geometry, giving players the ability to choose one that right for them. Each shaft is available in both black and white at $130 (US MSRP).

Nike Zoom Shoes Basketball Low Cut

Nike Zoom Shoes Basketball Low Cut

Cosmetically, the Dragonfly continues to raise the bar with Epoch high concept, minimalistic design, now offered in both a matte white and matte black version, with a foil finished pin stripe from top to bottom. Creative Director of The Found (Epoch agency of record), further explains "Based on our extensive research in the field, we chose a design aesthetic that was not only unique to the lacrosse industry but also complemented the performance and technology of the Dragonfly shafts."

The C30 and the X30 return to the 2013 lineup with increased performance, lighter weight, ACL II, Nike Kyrie Irving All Star Shoes

When a load is introduced through passing and shooting, a shaft will flex. Epoch ACL II is designed to make the shaft return to its un flexed position, which is called recovery. We understand the science behind this and study the force a shaft experiences during the complete act of shooting."

Nike Zoom Shoes Basketball Low Cut

A shaft stiffness profile can be measured vertically (front to back), laterally (side to side) and torsionally (twisting). Epoch has taken their technology beyond simply having a shaft flex vertically and has also focused on controlling how the shaft flexes from side to side. Along with the vertical and lateral flex, Epoch is also mindful of torsional flex.

The F30 is a throwback cross section, created with modern materials. The flat geometry was created as the result of the popularity of Epoch Titanium alloy from their 2012 lineup. Developed in collaboration with True Temper Sports, Epoch shafts are made from the highest grade materials available. They have tested and retested each design to ensure durability, playability and performance are optimized. Their goal is simple; to give the player every opportunity to reach their true potential. Live. Play. Be.

Slip/Grip II as well as best in class Nike Zoom Pegasus 92 Green

Not only has their Dragonfly line grown with the introduction of two additional shafts, but the series has also received some updates technologically, including Advanced Carbon Layering II, or ACL II, and Slip/Grip II.

Their ACL II is what separates Epoch shafts from conventional products. Epoch achieves this by layering carbon fiber Nike Zoom Shoes Basketball Low Cut in a specific manner, allowing them to control several aspects of the shaft performance. This technology is what allows Epoch to have the ability to adjust and vary the stiffness profile, commonly referred to as flex, of each shaft.

A conventional shaft, whether carbon fiber or alloy, will experience a certain amount of flex when passing and shooting. Often this flex is uncontrolled and inconsistent, but with ACL II, Epoch can control the stiffness profile of each shaft to maximize the performance and playability of them. "With the addition of flex, we can increase the offset of the head when passing and shooting to provide additional hold and whip. "However, it is important that we are mindful of how the shaft feels and performs when it is flexing as well as what happens after the shaft flexes," James continues.

Nike Zoom Shoes Basketball Low Cut

Nike Zoom Shoes Basketball Low Cut

Nike Zoom Shoes Basketball Low Cut

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